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ceremonyI pride myself in creating a ceremony that is meaningful to you as a couple, that will be a happy memory for a lifetime.

An example of a popular order of service for a civil wedding ceremony is as follows:

  • Introduction *

As your celebrant, I must introduce myself as being authorised to solemnise marriages

  • Welcome
  • Reading

Your choice of verse or prose

  • Personalised Section

Information about your relationship that is relevant

  • The Monitum *

Words that I must say to legally solemnise the marriage

  • Affirmation of Intent

A formal question in relation to your intentions

  • Vows *

Your promises to one another, certain words must be said according to Law, thereafter you may add personalised vows

  • Exchange of Rings
  • Declaration of Marriage/Embrace
  • Signing of the Register and Certificate

This requires two adult witnesses

  • Introduction of the Married Couple
  • Final Blessing

ceremony2Please note that any items marked with a ‘*’ are essential, all others are an optional part of your ceremony.

In addition, you may have certain cultural traditions, rituals or blessings that you would like incorporated into your ceremony.

On the day…..

  • You will be required to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the ceremony to complete a ‘Declaration’ (Form 14).
  • Two witnesses, who are aged at least 18 years of age, must be present at the ceremony and will be asked to sign the official certificates.
  • The ceremony will take approximately 15-20 minutes, which includes signing of the official documents.

Once the ceremony is concluded you are free to celebrate your special day!