Josef Chromy Tasmania

Marc at AstroPix


photographyI have always been interested in the ‘Visual’ and can remember from an early age trying to draw things as I saw them.
Of course I also managed to convince the parents to buy an instamatic camera when I was old enough to have that responsibility … and took many, many bad shots. I couldn’t understand why they always turned out so appallingly.
So anyways through to adulthood and other film cameras … art degrees in visual arts … then finally purchasing my first Digital DSLR two years ago … now I cannot be without them (I now have two and an assortment of lenses).


wedding-photo2I now spend my time, when not at work at Star FM Community Radio, drawing with a good friend once a week and taking my camera kit wherever I go just in case a great opportunity to take great photos comes about.
Landscapes are a great teacher as are friends and our pets because they teach me that I have to make the picture work with what equipment I have and the location at hand.